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Megan is accepting press interviews, corporate and non-profit speaking engagements, charity event appearances, and modeling. If you think Megan is a good fit for your event please submit the form on this page or email my publicist & agent, Ish Tanyeri directly.

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I compliment Megan on her stage presence and her ability to engage the audience across the entire room. She feels very comfortable out there to tell her story and how her experiences have impacted her outlook on life, the struggles she had to overcome and the challenges she's faced. I was impressed with how she was able to bring how she was able to bring her story full circle and bring it to a solid point, being able to challenge us to make the most out of life. I highly recommend having Megan speak to you.


I thought Megan's speech was awesome. I connected with her on so many levels especially when she talked about her struggle with depression. I can relate, because I've had the same issues. It's so nice to hear somebody talking about it, instead of holding that close to their heart. I know it's difficult in some instances to do that. So, I give her a lot of praise and admiration for talking about things that are sometimes difficult and I think she's a great speaker.


I am in the Navy. I heard your speech and It's very inspirational. You and many people who have stories like that should go around and do what you're doing right now. Doing a demonstration of how that works  wheelchair basketball is so inspirational and fantastic on its own. You're such a strong and amazing woman. I'm sorry that you have your depression but you've doine right now is so infinitesimal. A huge milestone for people to try and strive to be like you. So  for me, it touched me personally because it shows me that I can believe in myself to do what I need to do to get where I want to be. Keep doing what you're doing!


Thank you for the speech. It gave me goose bumps and how vulnerable and open about what you've been though. You don't have any idea how many people you've touched on in the crowd today. You should be very proud of what you've achieved. I'm really confident you are donna do something great. Thank you so much for not making everything look soft and cute and just really being you.

- Sarah

Inspirational won't describe that accurately what she's gone though. We all think we have a rough life when you ssee someone like her that just destroys everything that comes her way. It's just outstanding and we all need to look up to her and learn something about how she is.


I just had the privilege to meet Megan. It 
I love your speech, your story, your testimonial. It was very heartfelt. I know everyone appreciates the fact that you share your ups and down, you overcoming failure. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of everyone as part of the Veterans and Residents Program, we thank you we love you. Keep going and stay strong!


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